Summer Fun | Personal Snapshots

One of the perks of being an adult and having adult friends and siblings is the living-in-an-apartment pool! We love crashing Uncle Chris & Aunt Amanda’s pool in the summer – it is an ever so lovely salt water pool instead of fully chlorinated…really nice to not have that chlorine smell clinging to everything after a day out!  Isaac loves the water…with one caveat… he has had a water-on-face phobia since he was a wee little infant so we are working on being bold and jumping in & letting go! Baby steps!

2014-07-16_0004Isaac loves to imitate his Aunt BB, I had about 1 second to take this photo when I walked around the corner…just too cute to resist!

2014-07-16_0001The 3-tiered steps are basically his own little kiddie pool 🙂

2014-07-16_0003Out in the deep end with Chris&Amanda!


Silly pool games with Aunt BB!

2014-07-16_0002 This boy loves his family!

Corin missed out on the pool adventure that featured my camera, but next time perhaps he will make an appearance for those of you missing his sweet face.


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