Corin Samuel| 5 months

Last week Corin turned 5 months old! I whipped out my camera to catch a few of him to mark the occasion. Simple is the name of the game when you only have a few minutes before a toddler barrels around the corner. An open door for natural light, a large white blanket for a clean look and light reflection, and a sweet baby face to top it all off! Truly, if I could describe Corin in one word it would be: sweet! He oozes charm, the more time you spend around him the more charming he is. He is talkative, social, silly, playful, and ever-so-slightly opinionated!

But of course, his greatest point of pride and most notable characteristic is that phenomenal double chin. I must admit that I often can hardly look past those sparkling eyes to see it!


Notable Corin-isms at 5 months:

  • Want a baby giggle? All you have to do is bust out the almighty tickle and they’re all yours!
  • He has very suddenly developed a taste for music and coos when we sing to him
  • His obsession with putting things in his mouth has reached a feverish pitch
  • New things & places are his jam and Corin is grouchy when we have a day at home
  • Corin is at his happiest when his older brother is entertaining him!
  • Clothes are for losers, just a little Corin fyi for you

2014-07-14_0002His big-brown eyes melt my heart on a daily basis. Happy 5 months Corin!


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