Personal | 4th of July fun!

As I’ve gotten older, (and had more children) I have grown to really enjoy holidays more and more each year. Long weekends, family time, delicious food? Yes, please! Of course we skipped the fireworks this year (I admit to finding them disconcerting and regard them with general ambivalence) and unlike the rest of America we were not present at any bodies of water for this Independence Day – but! we were invited to a cook out at my in-laws and since spending time with family is basically my favorite thing, we had a grand time! And here’s a photo dump to prove it. 🙂

2014-07-09_0001My dad is always a favorite with the kiddos!

2014-07-09_0002Miss B observing the boys’ nonsense with amusement, with her loving mama in the background.

2014-07-09_0003Corin Thunder(Chin)Fist enjoying the party (I promise).

2014-07-09_0004some festive goodies!

2014-07-09_0006Someone is a daddy’s girl!

2014-07-09_0005My favorite view. Baby toes. ❤

2014-07-09_0010Alden & his mama!

2014-07-09_0007Anddd ending it off with an obligatory snapshot of my cutie cute 2 year old!


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