Four generations of fun

What better way to kick off a blogging week then with a post about family? My grandparents live in the great white north (just kidding…in Connecticut…I just have an innate dislike for the cold!). We haven’t enjoyed a visit from them down south since our wedding, and my husband and I keep having children in the hopes that their cuteness will lure my grandparents here. I’m happy to report our hard work paid off – this weekend they made the long drive and paid us a much anticipated visit! Unfortunately we were all quite busy reveling in the joy of their company and the delicious food over the weekend and I didn’t take many picture (for shame!) but here are a few favorites.

2014-06-03_0009My cutie grandparents. Married 57 years. 6 children, 10 grand-children, 2 (almost 3!) great-grandchildren. My grandma has the sweetest spirit, and my grandpa’s zest for life is unmatched!

2014-06-03_0006You can say a lot of things about North Carolina’s weather…but when all is said and done, when it’s good, it’s sooo good. Saturday was one of those perfect weather days and we enjoyed some fun at the park with my enthusiastic 2 year old!


2014-06-03_0007 No park trip is complete without his favorite Aunt BB to slide with!

2014-06-03_0008Had to grab a quick shot on their last night here with their great-grandkids!




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