The One With The Soccer Game

So my dashing husband decided to polish up his youthful sportiness and play a work recreational soccer league this summer. Besides realizing that the older you are the harder you fall he’s had a great time playing and Isaac and I have had an equally great time cheering him on. Mostly Isaac just runs around shouting “ball! ball” and pointing, hoping someone will take pity on him and let him play.

Here’s a few things I learned:

  • Sports photography is hard. And my beloved primes were a little outmatched by the versatility of zooms.
  • Soccer takes a lot of running.
  • Don’t give up even if you’re down by 10.
  • My son is the cutest kid in the universe.

A few shots as proof of some of the aforementioned facts.

2013-08-02_0004Look at that hottie in the orange shirt defending the goal with honor.

2013-08-02_0003Example of how sports pictures look so comical without the ball in play.

2013-08-02_0002Drew teaching Isaac the art of a header, while he’s still young enough to do it without acquiring a headache in the process.

2013-08-02_0001My two favorite people in the whole world.


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