Can we talk about this picture for a second? I know what you’re thinking; “Man, that is some delicious looking pineapple!” but if you are (which why wouldn’t you? Who doesn’t love pineapple?) I have a hard truth for you. It’s not pineapple. It’s watermelon.

I’m going to let that digest for a second.

Yellow watermelon. Inadvertently purchased by me in a hurry when shopping at an unnamed store. I found it so startlingly bizarre to reconcile the look with the taste that I couldn’t even eat it. But never fear, my vacuum cleaner my son ate it all with gusto. Clearly he is color blind.

image_2While we are on the subject of food can we talk about these garden fresh tomatoes and how scrumptious they looked turned into this mouth-watering bruschetta? I know you’re wondering how this novice gardener was able to grow her own tomatoes and sadly, though that would be one of my greatest achievements, these were grown by a friend. But man did they taste good. (oh, the basil is mine though. Yay, basil!)

And it seems to cruel to do so many posts in a row without an Isaac picture. So here’s some summer fun from my world class cutie pie.


And one more iPhone summer shot that even has me in it, which may come as a shock to some of you, but apparently kids like to see pictures of their moms. I read it in an article once. So, future Isaac, you’re welcome.


Next week; the beach! And maybe even some *real* photos. 😉


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