A few of my favorite things

This post is brought to you by: the internet. Which is such a lovely plethora of beautiful things I had to showcase some of my favorite little pleasures.


Vanilla Mint Ice Cream from Nourished Kitchen.
Yes, please.

1) Nourished Kitchen. My favorite nerdy health site to hit up. Their tagline is “reviving traditional foods”, and I have learned so much from them.


Thanks, pinterest.

2) Obviously this Hangry pillow has to make it onto a list of internet gems, because it’s my life.

2013-07-22_00023) One of my best kept secrets (clearly I’m a little boring) is my obsessive love for anything nautical. (quick quiz: do I even own anything nautical? probably not. hee.)

Pushing Daisies.  Swoon

Pushing Daisies.

4) What is Pushing Daisies? Only the funniest&cleverest show ever made for tv. Enough said.

2013-07-22_00035) floors like this. or roofs. or tables. or chairs. or walls. Who doesn’t love all that wonderful rustic wood-ness?


Paleo Chocolate Molten Lava Cake.
I don’t even have any words for this.

6) Last but certainly not least: Clean Eating With a Dirty Mind.

Ridiculous paleo desserts that might kill you with awesomeness.

You’re Welcome. 😉


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