One year shots – Part Deux

If you’ve read of few of these little ramblings before you may remember this post and the unfortunate tale of my inability to control bubbles, a camera, and a one year old at any given time. So my patient, long suffering husband (that will be a recurring trend on this blog) agreed to be my faithful bubble & child wrangler for me!


Isaac + bubbles = pure joy.


I know he melts your heart, too.


Like most one year olds, he could hardly contain his excitement. Which makes him so fun!

In addition to adorable bubble pictures, I really wanted to get a shot of Isaac cheesing adorably with a little wooden number depicting his age. Unfortunately the timing did not work out and I was only able to snap one picture before he decided wooden numbers were much more fun tossed haphazardly around the backyard.


In my imagination the entire “number 1” made it into this snapshot. But I still treasure it, because look at that goofy grin!



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