The Party!

Yes, the first birthday party for my son has come and gone in a whirlwind of fun! And I have good news and bad news. The good news is the party was incredible – every last detail – and my heart was so full of love for my son and my family. The bad news is that it became evident to me a little late in the game that one cannot be a party planner, decorator, baker, cook, parent, cleaner-upper, host AND photographer for a party and still have it be awesome. So yes, that means almost no photos were taken to show proof of aforementioned awesomeness.

However, we did manage a few candids courtesy of Apple.


My kid is a future international soccer star. Also a big-time cheeser!

birthda 034

Grandpa is one of Isaac’s favorite people and the recipient of Isaac’s gooberliciousness in this photo.


I loved having all our family there. I loved the western decor. I loved using my in-laws backyard. I loved seeing my happy kiddo running around charming the pants off of everyone. And I loved that we wrangled a family picture at the end of the night. Now Isaac will have proof of what his mother looks like. 🙂


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