Farm Life

Somewhere in my food-loving, art-loving, air-conditioning loving soul is a farm girl. I don’t mind the dirt, smells, dust, sweat or even grime (what is grime anyway? I’m glad you asked. Grime is basically moist manure dust. You’re welcome.)

For those curious minds, the current animal count at my parents farm is:
60+ noisy free-range chickens,
3 stubborn goats
2 simple sheep
2 neurotic dogs
2 needy cats
1 arrogant mini donkey

(Though horses, pigs, and turkeys have also taken up residence at varying intervals)

No matter how idyllic farm life may seem when you see pictures of sweet women surrounded by fresh eggs, bushels of apples, home grown pork, and a butter churner; we all know what a farm really means is hard work, and lots of it. Thankfully these days I mostly just get the good part, like seeing this little cutie freshly birthed!


The best part is I get to share these experiences with my son! He clearly does not yet appreciate the value of being able to learn the wonderful life lessons that a farm can teach you, as this was his permanent expression as we hung out by the little newborn goat.


Yes, that is concern written all over his face. Or perhaps he was confused since there were moments of wobbly newborn goat cuteness when Isaac, for once, might not have been the cutest thing in the room.


I love how farm life is real life. I love that my little boy gets to experience births, deaths, food, sickness, joy, adventure, triumph, and God’s perfect creation at the drop of a hat. I love that this is a blessing that God has given him through his grandparents!


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