Isaac’s Birthday!

My little man is One! One years old. As in, lived outside the womb for a whole year and is not only still alive (score one for the parents!) but probably the gosh darn cutest kid I’ve ever seen.


Even fuzzy instagram pics can’t hide his cuteness! Makes my heart pitter-patter all over the place to hear his sweet giggles and see his fierce curiosity.



There is absolutely no way to imagine our life without him. The Lord has woven the little threads of his life firmly into ours and he is a delight to us daily!

Just a couple hours old:


Now a rip-roaring one!


A couple notes about the above picture. Isaac loves bubbles, and I had this great idea to get a picture of him laughing and trying to catch the bubbles as he is prone to do.

What I discovered is executing this master plan was not only more difficult then I thought, but nigh impossible to do without a second person to do silly tasks for you like wrangle the cute child and blow the bubbles and work around the wind. Yes, wind. Didn’t account for that. Le sigh.

Equally difficult to accomplish a happy picture when your capricious child decides a bowel movement is necessary at this.exact.moment. And then the shoot is effectively canceled until further notice.

So! The above picture is simply so I can have a picture of him on his “official” birthday, and so you can laugh at my foolishness.

Happy Birthday Isaac James!


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