Saturdays are for projects

If Fridays are for parties & Sundays are for worship then Saturdays are for projects! I like to think our main project this Saturday was a noble (if not altogether altruistic) cause; building my aforementioned black thumb mother a raised herb garden for Mother’s Day.

The irony of someone like myself, with minimal to zero knowledge about gardening, thinking that this is a good idea is not lost on me. But thankfully I had this handsome guy to assist me in the heavy lifting (and to generally fulfill the obligatory good-looking half of this partnership).


And let’s be honest, if you’ve ever stepped foot on anything resembling a farm you know that it’s not a bonafide project without a farm animal supervising every step of the way.


And of course my delight of a sister (too busy of a bee to be in a picture) poured a considerable amount of blood sweat and tears (okay, perhaps just sweat) into the digging of this masterpiece.


Beginning to end in all it’s glory. The project required digging into a solid clay hill, using leftover boards that were just hanging around the farm to make the edges, filling it with a ridiculous amount of good soil and then lovingly, tenderly (I obviously did this part) planting the herbs into the ripe soil.

And viola, a little water and a lot of love (of food at least) and you got yourself an herb garden.

Now let’s just hope it stays alive.

Love you, Mom! Thanks for being so awesome!


(and thanks to Dad, for marrying such a spectacular woman!)


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