Birthday! Christmas! Excitement!

The moment I heard my door bell ring and my dog launch into her telltale OCD barking I immediately catapulted into spasms of delight and raced to the front door. What, you may be wondering, would cause chaotic barking, excited spasms, and unexpected cardio? Perhaps a diamond necklace, or a new pair of shoes, maybe Hugh Jackman himself was at my front door…or even better, a babysitter! (heh, just kidding Isaac.)

I must admit those are all very well thought out guesses that would indeed elicit the same response. But no, the package awaiting my greedy hands was my new 85mm!


Ah yes, that beautiful glass specimen just itching to snatch magic out of the air at the hands of this artist. I couldn’t wait to give a whirl and OH boy is this lens beautiful. Here’s a “straight out of camera” (SOOC = no editing whatsoever, if you ever cared to learn such a thing) shot of my silly, handsome husband and my long-suffering pup.


Most new lenses need a few trial runs to get the hang of how they interact with light and focusing speed etc., and this one is no different. It soaks up light like a sponge and opens up a world of possibilities for my photographic adventures! I can’t wait to showcase more photos shot with this lens.


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