Saturdays are for Farmer’s Markets

Around here Saturday’s mean raiding the plethora of farmer’s markets we are surrounded by here in the triad. One of my favorite parts about living here is the easy access to farmers and delicious local food (of course in the interest of full disclosure having lived here for the majority of my life I don’t have much to compare it to).

My favorite is the Curb Market downtown- if you’re from Greensboro and have never been you are missing out big time! If my memory doesn’t fail me next time, my camera will keep my company so I can display some of the local delicacies.

But today was about simplicity. We go through herbs like candy in our cooking so I decided to take the plunge and try to plant my own basil and parsley.

basil and parsleySee: shiny living green things! I will be holding my breath and crossing my fingers hoping I didn’t inherit my mother’s black thumb and at they will at the minimum make it a week without dying. Aim high right?


Also snagged some delicious raw honey since we are almost out – pretty much the perfect substitute for white sugar in all my cooking. Yum!


Last but definitely not least, May is synonymous with strawberries in this household and this gallon bucket of delicious, mouth-watering strawberries will probably be demolished come Monday. Anything left gets sliced and thrown in the dehydrator for easy snacks that are so good you think you’re eating candy.


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