It’s a dangerous business, going out your front door.


First post title, and thus first post, is in honor of one of my literary heroes, who had a knack for saying things that just made sense. And, I suppose in this hodgepodge there should be an introduction.

Hi! My name is Rachael. I am a lifestyle photographer. This blog will showcase my photography & my life. Hopefully I can slip in a photo about whatever I happen to be talking about on any given day because let’s face it: what’s a blog post without photos?


Undoubtedly going to dress my son up as a hobbit the next chance I get.

Included in the smorgasborg I will be posting will be photos and anecdotes of my cutie cute (almost!) 1 year old son, my scrumptious hubby (if he lets me share him), animals, friends, family, cooking adventures, blogs and photographers I love, etc etc. So if you don’t like any of those things this blog is probably not the place for you (but you should stick around anyway because every now and then I make people laugh). Bottom line: I’m starting this blog because I want to share my life and my art with the world, and I’m just floored that we are so blessed with this thing called the internet that makes it so easy.

I saw this and immediately changed the alarm on my phone.I saw this and immediately had to change the alarm on my phone.

After you’re done perusing my blog go ahead and like me on facebook and follow me on twitter so you can be the best kind of stalker!


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