Summer Fun | Personal Snapshots

One of the perks of being an adult and having adult friends and siblings is the living-in-an-apartment pool! We love crashing Uncle Chris & Aunt Amanda’s pool in the summer – it is an ever so lovely salt water pool instead of fully chlorinated…really nice to not have that chlorine smell clinging to everything after a day out!  Isaac loves the water…with one caveat… he has had a water-on-face phobia since he was a wee little infant so we are working on being bold and jumping in & letting go! Baby steps!

2014-07-16_0004Isaac loves to imitate his Aunt BB, I had about 1 second to take this photo when I walked around the corner…just too cute to resist!

2014-07-16_0001The 3-tiered steps are basically his own little kiddie pool 🙂

2014-07-16_0003Out in the deep end with Chris&Amanda!


Silly pool games with Aunt BB!

2014-07-16_0002 This boy loves his family!

Corin missed out on the pool adventure that featured my camera, but next time perhaps he will make an appearance for those of you missing his sweet face.


Corin Samuel| 5 months

Last week Corin turned 5 months old! I whipped out my camera to catch a few of him to mark the occasion. Simple is the name of the game when you only have a few minutes before a toddler barrels around the corner. An open door for natural light, a large white blanket for a clean look and light reflection, and a sweet baby face to top it all off! Truly, if I could describe Corin in one word it would be: sweet! He oozes charm, the more time you spend around him the more charming he is. He is talkative, social, silly, playful, and ever-so-slightly opinionated!

But of course, his greatest point of pride and most notable characteristic is that phenomenal double chin. I must admit that I often can hardly look past those sparkling eyes to see it!


Notable Corin-isms at 5 months:

  • Want a baby giggle? All you have to do is bust out the almighty tickle and they’re all yours!
  • He has very suddenly developed a taste for music and coos when we sing to him
  • His obsession with putting things in his mouth has reached a feverish pitch
  • New things & places are his jam and Corin is grouchy when we have a day at home
  • Corin is at his happiest when his older brother is entertaining him!
  • Clothes are for losers, just a little Corin fyi for you

2014-07-14_0002His big-brown eyes melt my heart on a daily basis. Happy 5 months Corin!

Personal | 4th of July fun!

As I’ve gotten older, (and had more children) I have grown to really enjoy holidays more and more each year. Long weekends, family time, delicious food? Yes, please! Of course we skipped the fireworks this year (I admit to finding them disconcerting and regard them with general ambivalence) and unlike the rest of America we were not present at any bodies of water for this Independence Day – but! we were invited to a cook out at my in-laws and since spending time with family is basically my favorite thing, we had a grand time! And here’s a photo dump to prove it. 🙂

2014-07-09_0001My dad is always a favorite with the kiddos!

2014-07-09_0002Miss B observing the boys’ nonsense with amusement, with her loving mama in the background.

2014-07-09_0003Corin Thunder(Chin)Fist enjoying the party (I promise).

2014-07-09_0004some festive goodies!

2014-07-09_0006Someone is a daddy’s girl!

2014-07-09_0005My favorite view. Baby toes. ❤

2014-07-09_0010Alden & his mama!

2014-07-09_0007Anddd ending it off with an obligatory snapshot of my cutie cute 2 year old!


So we went and got ourselves another baby! In this world of pinterest creativity and keeping in touch via facebook we wanted to announce it a fun way. We snagged my sister to snap a quick shot of our family and enthusiastically announced it in our facebook header:


And here is the little smush himself 9 months later!

2014-06-04_0009Corin Samuel.
Born 2/4/14 at 10:37am. 8lbs 8oz, 20 inches long.

And here’s a little photo recap of his life outside of the womb thus far.

2014-06-04_00101 month


2014-06-04_00112 months


2014-06-04_00143 months


2014-06-04_0008and now: 4 months!

Four generations of fun

What better way to kick off a blogging week then with a post about family? My grandparents live in the great white north (just kidding…in Connecticut…I just have an innate dislike for the cold!). We haven’t enjoyed a visit from them down south since our wedding, and my husband and I keep having children in the hopes that their cuteness will lure my grandparents here. I’m happy to report our hard work paid off – this weekend they made the long drive and paid us a much anticipated visit! Unfortunately we were all quite busy reveling in the joy of their company and the delicious food over the weekend and I didn’t take many picture (for shame!) but here are a few favorites.

2014-06-03_0009My cutie grandparents. Married 57 years. 6 children, 10 grand-children, 2 (almost 3!) great-grandchildren. My grandma has the sweetest spirit, and my grandpa’s zest for life is unmatched!

2014-06-03_0006You can say a lot of things about North Carolina’s weather…but when all is said and done, when it’s good, it’s sooo good. Saturday was one of those perfect weather days and we enjoyed some fun at the park with my enthusiastic 2 year old!


2014-06-03_0007 No park trip is complete without his favorite Aunt BB to slide with!

2014-06-03_0008Had to grab a quick shot on their last night here with their great-grandkids!



Victoria | Senior Pictures

Like most people, fall is my favorite season! So I was delighted we could arrange Victoria’s senior pictures for a beautiful fall weekend. One of my favorite things about this session is the personal location – all shots took place on her parents farm! I love the memorable details being there added to the photos, helping make them even more timeless. Also, Victoria is drop dead gorgeous and modeling for pictures was a breeze! Here are just a few favorites from our session. 🙂







Victoria also asked to take a few pictures with her sweet Golden Retriever Jake and I was more then happy to oblige,  the best thing about dogs, they definitely keep you smiling! Thanks Victoria for being such a fun model!

Bryant and Rebecca | Pregnancy Announcements!

Bryant & Rebecca are expecting their first little blessing next April and their excitement is contagious! Rebecca is also super cute & creative and brought some great props along to help us nail some “pinterest worthy” shots to help share their excitement about their new little baby with all their friends and family! Here are some of my favorites from the session.

2013-10-22_0001 2013-10-22_0002 2013-10-22_0003 2013-10-22_0004


Congratulations Bryant & Rebecca! Can’t wait to meet your little cutie next year!

Maddie – Senior Pictures

I had so much fun taking Maddie’s Senior Pictures! Maddie is beautiful, vivacious and full of laughter. We took some wonderful pictures in our session and it was very difficult to pick out favorites for this post! She also did a great job choosing simple, stylish but elegant outfits that complimented her body type, physique, and beautiful eyes!



2013-10-02_0008    2013-10-02_0002


Thanks for being such a trooper Maddie – hanging out in funky fields with me til the sun went down and always ready with a smile!

Chris & Amanda | 1 Year Anniversary

Chris & Amanda are a perfect example of an “anytime” photo shoot! They recently celebrated their 1 year anniversary and wanted a few pictures to help commemorate the milestone. They chose the beach as the perfect location for their shoot since there is where Chris proposed to Amanda a year and a half ago! They are a sweet, romantic couple and their pictures definitely show that! Here are a few favorites from our shoot.





2013-08-15_0015 2013-08-15_0014

Megan & Nathan | Wedding Teasers

I had the wonderful opportunity and privilege of photographing Megan & Nathan’s wedding this past weekend and what a delight it was! Megan was the sweetest, most charming bride and Nathan was the perfect example of a loving groom. I can’t wait to see how the Lord will use their love and marriage to further His kingdom!


Megan with her hard working Bridesmaids – in the dress, almost time!


Megan and her Bridesmaids spent some time in prayer before the ceremony. They truly love Megan and love the Lord and it shone through in their prayers for her.


Megan and Nathan wrote letters to each other before the ceremony, and it made an excellent showcase for her gorgeous bling!



Stunning Bride & Excited groom sharing a moment incognito!


Nathan’s face was so overwhelmed with emotion when he saw Megan walking down the aisle for the first time.


Married! Clearly he adores his new Bride!


They were so happy to be married and so in love, catching a few romantic moments after the ceremony were a breeze.



I love all the little details of the wedding! I love how each bouquet had a monogrammed ribbon, and the heart locket with their names engraved, the elegant, gorgeous shoes, the beading on her dress, the burlap and sunflowers at the reception. Helped make the wedding even more magical!


A sweet moment of emotion during the Maid of Honor’s toast.


Saying goodbye to her sweet father as her husband awaits to whisk her away to their new life together!


Thanks Megan and Nathan for allowing me to photograph your wedding, and hope you’re having an awesome honeymoon!

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